Boardpro Software Review

Managing a virtual team requires much closer communication, clearer instructions, and more transparency. This article will consider how to organize an effective board meeting with Boardpro solution.

Board portal for virtual collaboration

To organize the interaction of virtual teams, it is necessary to use technological solutions that allow the constant exchange of ideas and feedback. One of such digital alternatives is Boardroom software.

Commercial board portals allow you to receive video conferencing services almost instantly and relieve the organization of the need to take care of the purchase and maintenance of equipment and software. If the company is capable of incurring high operating costs but does not have the same opportunity in terms of capital costs, and outsourcing a video conferencing solution can be used. Comprehensive board software packages for creating a corporate communications environment, according to many CIOs, are the golden means that allow them to solve most corporate communications issues.

This universal solution allows employees of the organization to communicate within a variety of customizable scenarios (interactive conferences, demos, training sessions, collaboration). The purpose of using the corporate board portal is to increase business profitability by intensifying corporate communications and accelerating decision-making. The company gains the ability to quickly bring the qualification level of employees to corporate standards practically on the job and without the cost of travel.

Boardpro – a leader among board software solutions

Boardpro is a cloud-based online whiteboard that enables personal collaboration across time zones, teams, and geographical boundaries. The platform provides a fun, easy-to-use environment for personal collaboration with numerous options for real-time or asynchronous collaboration on an online whiteboard. You can work with one person or with hundreds of people at the same time, regardless of your location. Boardpro brings everyone together in real-time and enables you to receive input, make corrections, merge different versions, track changes and save everything in the process.

The software has the following features:

  • Action items register
  • Agenda builder
  • The automated board pack builder
  • The automated decision register
  • Boardpro notes in-app annotations
  • Free live chat support
  • Interests register
  • Minutes builder
  • Post-meeting tasks
  • Searchable document repository

What are the advantages?

Boardpro provides the following benefits for corporate management structure:

  • With Boardpro, you can quickly create meeting agendas and distribute them to all attendees before the meeting begins.
  • You get real-time communication tools to get input from everyone involved and keep them informed.
  • With the Boardpro Board Pack Builder, you can automatically compile your meeting documents into an easy-to-read board pack.
  • The software enables your board and committee members to make important decisions between scheduled meetings. All decisions are automatically recorded in your decision register.
  • With Boardpro ‘s voting function, members can vote quickly and easily. This feature gives you the most accurate results in record time.

The software is also widely used in the area of data storage and data processing. It offers various advantages here. On the one hand, the employee can access important and relevant data extremely flexibly and regardless of location and thus improve the workflow. On the other hand, the board portal makes it easy to work with several employees on a common document, for example. Version control and the associated difficulties are taken over directly by the server and are therefore not relevant for employees. This means that joint projects can also be carried out over long distances and borders without having to set up your infrastructure for this work.